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What is Beauty Plus Blog?

 While I prefer to centre this weblog around all things fun, mild, and girly, I usually prefer to stick with my convictions of staying herbal and respecting my body. I prefer to empower you to say no to damaging components and poisonous chemical compounds in your day-to-day hobbies and provide you with the sources and choices to make it easy.

I am a licenced esthetician and have been in the pores and skin care world for over 20 years. While I no longer preserve customers and operate facials, pores and skin fitness have persevered as my ardour through this blog. Jenni Raincloud has been identified via Healthline as one of the Best Skin Care Blogs for the last three years. In 2020, I was ranked third!My recipes have been posted in the magazines Willow and Sage as well as in the British magazine, Simply Vegan.

I LOVE, something pertaining to inexperienced beauty! You’ve come to the proper place if you are looking to DITCH THE TOXINS in your splendour products! The most important reason for this weblog is to show you how to create your very own tremendously effective natural beauty merchandise as well as attain splendour both inside and out.

I have been making my own personal skin and hair care products for over 7 years now. It started out as a way to supply myself and my household with more herbal merchandise that I had whole control over. As I went deeper into my research, the more intrigued I grew to be with the frightening facet of the splendour industry.